Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama's Failure to Stimulate

Ruberry has a killer post today. He highlights Obama's lack of real leadership skills, notes that polling finds a hell of a lot of Americans are disenchanted with the One, and that Doctor Changelove is not really the messiah after all. It is perhaps appropriate, at this point, to wish a happy 98th birthday to the late President Ronald W. Reagan. Compared to him, Obama is but a neophyte. Obama won the presidency by a large but not overwhelming majority. Over the last two years, Obama has been sounding the drum of "Change...change...change," without specifics. Now is the time for specificity, and Obama doesn't know what to do--except "something." So he farmed out his stimulus plan to the House Appropriations Committee, who packed the bill with items from liberal wish-list compiled since Lyndon Johnson left the White House. FULL POST at MARATHON PUNDIT... CNB RSS Feed