Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama? Oh, Bummer

Barack Obama is not playing well with others. In fact, he's quickly revealing a petulant, mean, spoiled brat side that some of you didn't expect. Some of us, of course, knew this would happen. We just didn't expect it so damned soon. vpspurs at the Sundries blog demonstrates this "new" Obama in words, pix and video. (Is this new pissy attitude of Obama's the "change" he promised?) Alas, I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is a rather spoilt man, unused to waiting for anything he wanted, unused to real challenge after having been everyone's darling since the time he was very young. He will find it very difficult to control his temper, and his emotions, if he doesn't learn grace under fire. Full Post at Sundries... Hat tip to Levois. CNB RSS Feed