Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama, Media Lied About "Homeless" Woman

Say it ain't so. Barack Obama lied to us about something? No! It cannot be! It do be? Oh... During Obama's campaign to promote his stimulus package, he staged an event with a woman, Henrietta Hughes, who, as it turns out, appears to be anything but truly needy. Henrietta was given an audience with Obama to beg for a home. When aid was provided via the offer of free rent by an opportunistic politician, the liberal press spouted that Henrietta was actually given a free home and implied it came from Obama. The lie has propagated through the liberal media and, quite honestly, it nauseated us because it was so obviously staged and such a distorted lie. Well, as it turns out, the lie didn't end there. More from Rus Thompson over at Red County has much more about this sadly entertaining story about how Kenyan-born Barack Obama lied to you, me and everybody - again. CNB RSS Feed