Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nutroots Dished It Out, Now They Can't Take It

The political Left in the US has a long tradition of viciously defaming conservatives, and even their own apostates, when they have no legitimate way of arguing a point. The constant portrayal or comparison of President Bush, for example, as a Nazi or even as the second coming of Adolf Hitler. So, I say, why not portray Nancy Pelosi (right) in Third Reich attire? Oh, that was always good for a laugh at a Democrat ward meeting, wasn't it? Ha ha ha. But post a doctored photo of a Democrat as Hitler and suddenly, Whoa! That's just wrong! The tables are turning folks, and speaking for myself I love poking them with their own pitchfork. Michelle Malkin has a great post about this, titled "Nutroots suddenly hypersensitive about Nazi/president comparisons." Chicago Alderman Joe Moore is a good example of a nutroot. He hates it when I post this picture of him (right); I know for a fact that he's got it in the dossier he keeps on me (yes, Joe Moore has an enemies list a la Richard Nixon). 49th Ward Democrat Kommitteekommissar David Fagus (below) is not too keen on this treatment, either. For those of you who aren't hip to the lingo, "nutroot" is a fanatically hypocritical, overly sensitive Leftist for whom politically correct speech applies only to his/her opponents. Okay, yes, there are conservative nutroots too, but they seem to be fewer in number. Or, at least, they're less visible and don't whine quite as loudly and, when they do whine, they get less front page coverage than the conservative whiners do. (See another definition of "nutroot" at Urban Dictionary.) The next four years will be fun as conservative pundits go at the Left, and we'll have more fun than they did. Why? Simple: Because the Lefty nutroots squirm so much squirmier, and we won't feel overly guilty about being politically incorrect. One thing I will not do, however, is the kind of racist crap that the Leftist nutroots do so well themselves. MORE NUTROOT FUN: The Liberal LexiconA Conservative's Dictionary of Libberish The Jawa Report: Democrat Nutroot Smear Machine Goes Into Overdrive The Nutroot Liberals Are Out in Force — Liberal Quicksand A Professor Who Wants To Be Dangerous Michelle Malkin's Nutroots Archives Noted Democratic Shill Begs Nutroots Not To Viciously Attack Emanuel For Being Too Jewish Nutroots // BlogCatalog Topic // BlogCatalog CNB RSS Feed