Sunday, February 8, 2009

Newspaper Editor Threatens Two Chicago Bloggers

ACCOSTS BLOGGERS ON STREET, YELLS: "WE'LL SUE YOU! WATCH YOUR MAILBOXES!" ALSO SEE: Newspaper Continues To Threaten Bloggers (2/14/09) We were verbally assaulted by a newspaper editor on Saturday, February 7th. In broad daylight, on a public street, by an editor. Jerk blogger Craig Gernhardt (The Broken Heart) and I were crossing the street on Saturday afternoon over in the People's Democratic Utopia of Rogers Park. We were on our way to Leona's at W. Morse and N. Sheridan to get pizza, which we both agreed is good (and the only thing on Leona's menu that doesn't suck). So much for the restaurant review. As we crossed the street, one of the editors of "The Urban Coaster" (a still-new, socialist propaganda tabloid in Rogers Park, Chicago) walked toward us. He had a mangy dog in tow. With a sneer, the editor said to us, "Well, well, I s'pose you think you're big shots now that the Reader wrote about you." The editor was referring to the Feb. 5 issue of the Chicago Reader, in which Mick Dumke wrote a great piece titled "Where Bloggers Dodge Beers." That title refers to me, when one of Alderman Joe Moore's aides threw a beer at me last summer. She threw it with such force that it destroyed my camera. So I not only have to watch my back for Joe Moore aids, I also have to worry about being verbally assaulted on the street by local tabloid editors. Tabloid editors, who, by the way, are operatives of Joe Moore. Gernhardt and I immediately got the chuckles. "When are you guys going to make your rag newspaper legitimate?" I replied. His name is Francis Scudellari, but he is also known as "Scudmissile," "Scudmuscle," "Frankie," "Scuddles," and words that I won't include here because this is, after all, a family-oriented website. Frankie was flustered. First time I've ever seen him flustered, to be honest, and he was shaking. I've seen him angry before, but to his credit he kept his composure at those moments. "What does that mean?" he said, feigning ignorance. "Your check to the Secretary of State bounced," I guffawed, "you call yourselves incorporated but you're not!" "Hey Frankie," said Gernhard said, laughing, "has your paper gone union yet?" The pasty Scuddlebuttliari went pale, more pale than usual, and his quivering lip threatened to cause his entire head to dislodge. He looked a bit woozy, but managed to raise his voice in a heroic effort. "We'll sue you!" This, of course, only caused us to laugh harder. You know how your cheeks hurt when you laugh really hard, and your eyes kind of tear up a little? Yah, that's what it was. But over our laughter we heard Scudloogy advise us, "YOU BETTER CHECK YOUR MAILBOXES!" For a moment, his pasty face flushed bright red. I couldn't swear to it, but I thought I saw spittle fly from his mouth, over that quivering lower lip, as he said "mailboxes." It was probably the "oxes" part of the word, with that k-s-s combination. It his flustered state, he may have been salivating heavily and so that could have caused a higher than normal amount of liquid to build up in his mouth, which could have been what I thought I saw being propelled from just above that lip. Try it yourself; save up a bunch of spit in your mouth, then try screaming "MAILBOXES." The mangy dog figured he'd heard enough and was, frankly, embarassed by all of this, so Mr. Dog pulled Scudlarian northward, away from us, to a quieter place more suitable to relieving himself. Scudellari is one of three editors/partners of "The Urban Coaster." They refer to themselves in the paper as "The Urban Coaster, Inc." but that is not accurate. You see, not only are they not incorporated, the Illinois Secretary of State's website shows that the check they sent in with their filing papers bounced. That's right, their check bounced. They are not in good standing with the State of Illinois, and to call yourself a corporation when in fact you are not is a violation of state law. (Go here and search for "The Urban Coaster" and also see "Merchant Alert for Chicago's North Side") In case you haven't guessed yet, there is an animosity between Scudlamander and Gernhardt and me. That is, Scudiarity can't stand either of us. That's only fair play, though, because we're none too fond of him, nor of his pathetic newspaper, "The Urban Coaster." The Urban Coaster is not the first failed venture in which he has joined Westgard and Ginderske. One was the failed "Ginderske 2007" aldermanic campaign. The other was the "Neighbors for a Healthy Rogers Park." (See "NHRP: Ginderske's Sham Organization" and "Smells Like Ginderske") Why does Scudlemon dislike us so much? Well, isn't it obvious? It's because of posts such as this one, which Gernhardt and I do often. He and I enjoy exposing the dishonest, lying, deceitful misreprentation perpetrated by Scudmingdynasty and his partners in slime. There you go. No mystery, really. Vampires hate it when you shine light on them. Scudlinguini is wrong about our feelings about the Reader article. Gernhardt and I are accustomed to being interviewed in print and on the radio, and the Reader article about us didn't even merit a part of our own conversation up to the point that Mr. Scuddlebutt, in a pique of self-loathing, decided he should belittle us for it. I've been the subject of newspaper articles local and national since February 1976, have written newspaper articles, and had my own radio show in the early 1980's. Gernhardt has been written about many times as well. Scudelingus thinks a small mention in the Chicago Reader makes us feel like big shots? Not hardly. I've turned down more interview requests than I have ever accepted, and I'm sure that's true for Gernhardt as well. I am reminded of a "Soprano's" episode in which the mobster Christopher was mentioned in a newspaper article that named him as being under criminal investigation. Christopher ran out to the nearest newspaper box, put coins into it, and pulled out all of the papers. Unlike Christopher in the Sopranos, however, Scudelarrium wants to put all those Chicago Readers back into their boxes. RELATED: Urban Coaster: Non-Local, Non-Union Ginderske Violating State Law Another Sham Ginderske Organization (Updated) Tainted Evidence NHRP: Ginderske's Sham Organization NHRP: Odd Man Out CNB RSS Feed