Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mike Quigley and Twitter?

Not so good. Quigley, a local Democrat running for the 5th Congressional seat, is upsetting more than a few people by allegedly bad manners on Twitter. I recently posted about Mike Quigley bugging followers with unwanted campaign ads on Twitter. Then, a wonk at Quigley's offices sent me a complaint, and as a courtesy, I removed the post. But the Chicago Sun-Times already snagged my post and reproduced it in full (no respect for copyrights over at the Sun-Times, I guess). So, I reposted it. Meanwhile, Jesse Greenberg picked up on it on his nice blog in two postings. Greenberg points out that Quigley has had Twitter problems previously. (See here and here for Greenberg's posts.) By the way, a fun word game is to swith the "Tw" and "Qu" of the two words. You end up with "Quitter" and "Twigley." I don't know what a twigley is, but Mike should be a quitter when it comes to his Twitter spamming. CNB RSS Feed