Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man Beats Transvestite Wife

Did you know that India has a space program? Yes, they do. It's kind of cool to think that in today's world, even a primitive society can launch crap into space. INDIA - The Times of India - 02.04.2009 - In a brazen act of violence, ....a man kicked and stamped his wife because she was dressed “as a man”. Adding insult to injury, the police promptly dispatched the battered woman, who suffered the ignominy in full public glare, to her in-laws house, terming it as a “family matter”. No case was filed. The shameful episode was played out in the Dabwali market on Monday when a 23-year-old jean-clad girl accompanied her parents on a shopping expedition. “She was accosted by her livid husband and beaten for ‘bringing a bad name to the family”. Full Story... Note that the The Times of India calls the 23 year old woman a "girl" and the authorities filed no case in this matter even though it was a brutal assault that happened in a crowded market. Did you know that India has a space program? They do, really. CNB RSS Feed