Monday, February 2, 2009

Iraq More Democratic Than China Today

On Saturday, January 31, millions of people in Iraq enthusiastically turned out to excercise their still-new democratic freedom to vote for the candidates of their choice. No longer living in a dictatorship, the people of Iraq are determined to never lose their democracy. (A quick note of thanks to President Bush and all of the men and women of the US Armed Forces.) "Many people have seen Iraq as a dictatorship, but today that has changed," he said, casting his ballot in Baghdad. "Others are saying this is a sectarian government, but this isn't true. We can't be a dictatorship again and we won't be." Full Story at The Observer... Even Al Jazeera has a happy report on video (linked here and embedded below). Meanwhile, in China, democracy is faring less well than in Iraq. As another report from Al Jazeera shows (link here), nothing much has really changed since the butchery in Tianenman Square. How ironic that so many Americans are pissed off about "imposing" democracy on Iraq, but so gladly rush to do business with China's dictatorial leaders (creators of the most Orwellian Olympics since Adolf Hitler hosted them in Berlin), the iron-fisted suppressors of free speech and thought. CNB RSS Feed