Saturday, February 7, 2009

Huberman Furor Heats Up

No sign of the Huberman Outrage letting up. In fact, it seems to be building. A former mayoral candidate is challenging Mayor Daley's process in his selection (crowning) of Ron Huberman as the new chief of Chicago Public Schools. William Dock Walls, according to Chi-Town Daily News, "is attacking Mayor Richard M. Daley’s choice to run the Chicago Public Schools. In a suit filed today in Cook County Circuit Court, one-time Harold Washington aide and 2007 Mayoral candidate William Dock Walls alleges Daley violated the city’s municipal code, when he appointed former CTA President Ron Huberman schools CEO." Full Story at Chi-Town Daily News... Gee, Mayor Daley violating the city's municipal code? Is that the same Mayor Daley who bulldozed Meigs Field in the middle of the night? That Mayor Daley? Nah! Is Daley a Racist? Is Jesse Jackson a Homophobe? Huberman had a public coming-out moment last week when he announced that he's gay. Since then, anybody who criticizes him - anybody, that is, who is perceived to be conservative - is instantly labeled as a bigot, a homophobe, or just a hateful person. Why are the Gay Community and Liberals not calling Reverend Jesse Jackson or Dock Walls or Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown those names for opposing the Huberman appointment? Why isn't Mayor Daley being labeled a racist and a sexist because he chose a non-black man over a more qualified African-American woman (Barbara Eason-Watkins)? Hmmm? Even the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is criticizing the Huberman coronation. (Are they bigoted homophobes, too?) They wrote: The outrage from the school board’s proposal was intensified by Daley’s appointment of former Chicago Transit Authority CEO Ron Huberman to replace Duncan. During his tenure at CTA, Huberman cut services, raised fares and slashed jobs. Full Article at I don't often agree with the Party for Socialism and Liberation, but we're in agreement here. When will the people of Chicago finally storm City Hall with pitchforks and torches and demand an end to the tyranny? It will be interesting to see how the City Council responds to all of this. Don't count on any of them going against Daley. Well, perhaps Joe Moore, but only if it looks like it will pass anyway. That way, he can safely say that he went against Daley. RELATED: Black leaders say no to Huberman for CPS (Chicago Defender) Black leaders lament Huberman appointment (Chicago Defender) Ron Huberman the wrong choice for CPS (Austin Weekly News) Ron Huberman booed, heckled at his 1st school board meeting (Chicago Tribune) Huberman Flies Into the Gay-dar (Chicago News Bench) Huberman Flies Into the Gay-dar (Illinois Review) Ron Huberman: The mayor's man (Chicago Sun-Times) CNB RSS Feed