Thursday, February 26, 2009

How Do YOU Eat Ramen Noodles?

Do you have a favorite way to prepare ramen ("rah-men") noodles? Have they helped you survive periods between jobs, or helped you trim your budget? Times are tough for many of us right now, and thank goodness ramen noodles are still around. Do YOU have a favorite recipe for ramen noodles? Share it with us in a comment! Mind you, I'm not talking about those cups of noodles. I'm talking about the "flat" packages of dry noodles, as shown in the photos here. I enjoy ramen noodles about once a week. Usually, I eat them "straight," with nothing added except a dash of cayan pepper. Sometimes I sprinkle a little lemon pepper into them. Sometimes I put broccoli, and maybe some cooked chicken pieces, into the hot water after the noodles are fully boiled and I've turn off the heat. That way, the chicken and broccoli get hot, but don't become over cooked. Drain off most of the water - and the excess sodium with it - and you've got a very satisfying meal. So, do YOU have a favorite way to prepare ramen noodles? If so, share your recipes with your fellow ramen eaters by sending them to us at this email address:

Ramen noodles have a history of helping people fill their stomachs during lean times, and I've eaten my share of them in leaner times. Thing is, I love them. They are easy to prepare (just boil for several minutes), and they can fill you up all by themselves or they make a nice side dish. They're cheap, even though they've increased in price from 25 cents to 35 cents recently. You can also buy them in bulk packages of six or 12 and save even more. There is a website called "The Official Ramen Homepage," but somehow I doubt its claim of being official. Nevertheless, it's an interesting site with recipes and information about ramen noodles, including weird news stories in which ramen noodles are mentioned. (I look forward to the Ramen Noodles News Network one day.) Another great website:, where you'll find hundreds of creative recipes. One of my favorites: Ramen Mussolini. Selected Reading: OMG Veg! Staff Editorial: Follow Gut Instincts When Spending Fast Food for Thought: Ramen Noodles to Warm the Heart Instant Ramen Isn't Just For Broke College Students Signs of the Times: bad economy good for noodles The Cook's Thesaurus: Asian Wheat Noodles Maruchan ramen Best ramen recipes! How to Enjoy Instant Noodles - World Instant Noodles Association Journey into the World of Ramen Instant Noodles Warning Avoid high sodium Ramen