Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heavy Snow In Great Britain

The United Kingdom is bracing for more heavy snow - up to 10 inches on Monday, February 2. The Brits are not used to this much snow all at once. The Daily Mail reported early Monday morning (2:14 a.m. London; 8:14 p.m. Chicago) that "Central London was coated in a blanket of snow more than 6in deep," closing major roads, with temperatures down to –5c (that's 23 Fahrenheit, which is balmy by Chicago standards in early February). You can read more at the Daily Mail website. This is the heaviest snowfall for Britain in 18 years, according to The Sun: The Met Office’s Nigel Bolton warned: “It’s going to be the worst snow since 1991. The Pennines will take the brunt but London and the South East will be unusually badly affected too.” Get the latest conditions at London/Heathrow Airport here. CNB RSS Feed