Saturday, February 7, 2009

Full Texts of Blogger Subpoenas

These subpoenas were filed against Google in an effort gain information about two bloggers in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, as well as information about two neighborhood groups. Links to the subpoenas (PDF files): Wilson Yard Defendants Subpoena to Google (re: two blogs) (01-12-2009) Wilson Yard Defendants Subpoena to Buena Park Neighbors (01-12-2009) Wilson Yard Defendants Subpoena to Uptown Neighborhood Council (01-12-2009) The subpoenas were filed by developer Peter Holsten's attorney Thomas E. Johnson. Holsten is the developer behind a mixed-use project now under construction at the "Wilson Yard" location in Uptown, at Montrose and Broadway. RELATED: Holsten v. Uptown Update and What the Helen (Citizen Media Law Project) Developer Targets Bloggers in Chicago Marathon Pundit: Google subpoenaed about two anonymous Chicago blogs Uptown Update: "Holsten's Attorney Subpoenas Google" Open Letter to Uptown Update: Expose Yourselves Gapers Block: Uptown Throwdown WindyPundit: Google Subpoenaed Over Anonymous Blogs in Connection With Controversial Chicago TIF Project Chicagoist: Don't Shoot the Messenger: Uptown Bloggers Subpoenaed CMLP Blog: Chicago Developer Shovels Out Subpoenas by the Bucketful Over Wilson Yard Redevelopment CNB RSS Feed