Tuesday, February 3, 2009


After being heavily criticized for his massive tax problems, former Senator Tom Daschle has removed himself from consideration for a Cabinet position: BREAKING NEWS – Tom Daschle has withdrawn his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary. That's according to a joint White House statement from President Barack Obama and his former nominee. Obama said Tuesday he accepted the withdrawal "with sadness and regret." Full Story... RELATED: What’s The Problem With Democrats Paying Taxes? (Features a video in which Sean Hannity says, "Why don’t liberals pay taxes? We kept hearing the Caroline Kennedy had a tax problem. Timothy Geithner has a tax problem. The committee that writes tax law, the House Ways and Means Committee, well their chairman Charlie Rangel, whoops sorry, he failed to report seventy-five thousand dollars in income. Oh it’s a hiccup, it’s not a problem, and of course we have I guess, the hero of every liberal is Al Franken and Al Franken didn’t pay his taxes in what, eighteen states or whatever it was at the time. I mean just absurd." CNB RSS Feed