Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chicago UFOs Reflections? Maybe, Maybe Not...

Readers keep writing in about those Flickr photos taken from the Howard CTA Station's elevated train platform in Chicago. They appear to show objects in the sky. UFOs? Unidentified flying objects? Any kind of flying objects? Or just reflections? The mystery just becomes more mysterious. So, I am now en route to the scene of the mystery to view it myself and take my own photos. "Greg" writes in to cause more confusion: I was referred to your site by a posting at the MUFON site. I am a master electrician and an electrical contractor in Minneapolis, MN, and I can say with out a doubt that those objects are a reflection of high bay light fixtures that are used in warehouses. If you go to flicker and click on the enlarge button, look at the right side of the picture and you will be able to see other faint reflections of the space the photographer was in. Also, if you click to see the whole series of pictures, the 2 previous ones labled, "Lerner building hole", you can see faint reflections from a window in those too. I hope this helps. It only raises more questions. Greg is right about the reflections, but there is still some uncertainty. In the "Lerner Building Hole" photo (see it here), you can see the reflection of a white trash can in the lower left. However, it is not clear whether that can is being reflected from a window fixed to the platform, or a window on a train car. Could the photographer (who remains anonymous) have taken the photos from inside a train? An example of that can be found in a photo by "Ericka," which was taken from within a train car and shows the reflection of the interior of that car. Or, could the photo have been taken from within a structure similar to the one in a photo that "Zol87" has posted? Thanks again to Greg for writing. His thoughtful note gives us pause, and we will investigate further. There's only one way to be sure, and that's to go there myself. I will now leave my warm desk chair and venture out to take photos of the scene of the mystery myself. Stand by... RELATED: Readers React to Chicago UFO Photos Updated: UFO Fleet Over Chicago? CNB RSS Feed