Friday, February 20, 2009

Bobby Rush AWOL on Burris

An excellent question, addressed by friend, novelist and fellow Chicagoan Carol Felsenthal. She writes regularly for the Huffington Post (they let her get away with murder over there, thank God), and she wonders why Bobby Rush is AWOL in the Roland Burris controversy. Bobby Rush, the Chicago Congressman, took the stage that day in a pre-arranged plan to calm the shock of Blagojevich, then still governor, making the surprise appointment of Roland Burris to Obama's Senate seat. Rush let loose with incendiary racial politics, but Senate leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin vowed not to seat Burris because he was appointed by the disgraced Blagojevich. Obama, then president-elect, called Burris "a fine man," but agreed that the senate could not seat a man named by Blagojevich whom, everyone knew, faced imminent impeachment. Read the entire post: The Silence of the Congressman: Where's Bobby Rush? CNB RSS Feed