Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Media Missing Google Subpoena Story in Chicago

A Chicago developer subpoenaed two local blogs and two neighborhood groups in the Uptown neighborhood. The subpoenas were filed against Google on January 12, 2009. It's building buzz in the blogosphere, but as often happens, the mainstream media is slow to pick up the story. To be accurate, the story was broken by the weekly News-Star's Lorraine Swanson on January 28, but that's as far as it got in the "real" press. (CNB picked it up the following day.) UPDATE 2/12/09: The Chicago Tribune finally noticed this story. See: "Chicago Tribune Rehashes Google Subpoena Story, Offers Nothing New" When the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times finally do get to the story (they won't be able to ignore it much longer), they will probably not give any credit to the reporting by Swanson or to the bloggers. Here is a roundup of blog reports about the subpoenas: Chicago Bloggers Threatened (The Jawa Report) Developer Targets Bloggers in Chicago (Chicago News Bench) Google Subpoenaed Over Anonymous Blogs... (WindyPundit) Wilson Yard developer supoenas Google to unmask Uptown bloggers (Windy Citizen) Google subpoenaed about two anonymous Chicago blogs (Marathon Pundit) Holsten v. Uptown Update and What the Helen Citizen Media Law ... ( Chicago Developer Shovels Out Subpoenas by the Bucketful Over ... ( Flying Debris: Chicago Bloggers Threatened! (Flying Debris) Chicago Developer Shovels Out Subpoenas by the Bucketful... ( Uptown Update: A Point To Ponder (Uptown Update) blogs subpoenaed - General Discussion... ( Chicago News Bench: Full Texts of Blogger Subpoenas (Chicago News Bench) CHICAGO BLOGGERS THREATENED (InstaPundit) Uptown Update: Holsten's Subpoena Requests Continue To Draw Attention (Uptown Update) Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Uptown Bloggers Subpoenaed (Chicagoist) Uptown Throwdown (Gapers Block) Where is the mainstream media on this? CNB RSS Feed