Wednesday, February 25, 2009


UPDATE 2X, 0630 GMT 26 FEB 2009: THE FIGHTING IN BANGLADESH CONTINUES: FLASH: BANGLADESH CHAOS SPREADS (They thought it was over earlier, but confusion and fighting continue with at least 50 dead.) (20:00 GMT, 25 Feb 2009): A day-long mutiny by the Bangladesh border guards against the army command ended on Wednesday evening after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina declared general pardon for the revolting Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) men and pledged to meet their demands in phases. DEVELOPING.... More from the Deccan Herald, India UPDATE, 20:13 GMT: New Delhi -India is on high alert in the wake of the just-ended paramilitary coup attempt in neighboring Bangladesh. reports now that the Indian military is "watching closely developments there that could have impact on its border security.New Delhi has, however, not made any official comment on the incident which it sees as 'an internal affair' of that country.The mutiny at the sprawling 200-acre Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) headquarters complex left at least four people dead and scores injured in the heart of Dhaka.The Indian high commission in Dhaka is also closely following the incident but is awaiting details before making an assessment of any security implications for the country, sources in the Indian mission in Dhaka told IANS.Indian officials familiar with internal dynamics of Bangladesh said it looked like an incident fuelled by long-festering grievances among paramilitary forces in that country." More at Chicago News Bench Merchandise Chicago News Bench RSS Feed