Monday, February 9, 2009

Australian Fires Climate or Arson???

Australia's horrific wildfires have destroyed whole towns and killed, by now, at least 200 people. Eager to blame somebody - or something - for the catastrophe, The Church of Global Warming is trying to convince us that climate change is the cause of the fires. By extension, the same lunatic adherents to the Church of Global Warming would have to say that brush fires in California - or anywhere else - are also caused by climate change. That's lunacy. Here's why. We know that many brush fires are the work of arsonists. Some of those arsonists are "fire bugs" who have a sick fascination with fire. Some arsonists do it for insurance money; some of their fires go out of control and become bigger than they intended. Some arsonists are eco-terrorists bent of exacting revenge on the human race in order to avenge the displacement of gophers and scorpions. Still others, it turns out, may be Islamo-terrorists. Not of those arsonists were driven to their criminal acts by climate change. The lunatic eagerness to blame Global Warming/Climate Change for everything evil reaches a crescendo in article such as the one at The latest series of wildfires to hit Australia appeared to be intensified due to climate change, scientists reported on Monday. Australia is prone to massive wildfires due to its dry climate and naturally combustible vegetation, including oil-rich eucalyptus forests, according to the nation’s Bureau of Meteorology. However, the wildfires that struck Victoria over the weekend were the nation's deadliest on record, and scientists believe climate change is to blame. "Scientists believe climate change is to blame." Meanwhile, experts in arson investigation are certain that human beings set the blazes in Australia. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the meteorologists are not on the fire scenes poking around for evidence of criminal activity. It's quite a stretch of faith to believe that climate change is to blame for "naturally combustible vegetation, including oil-rich eucalyptus forests." RedOrbit continues: "Climate change, weather and drought are altering the nature, ferocity and duration of bushfires," Gary Morgan, head of the government-backed Bushfire Cooperative Research Center, told the AFP." Really? And how, please, does one actually prove that theory? Oh! It's windy! Must be climate change! It hasn't rained in weeks! Must be climate change! Somebody put a torch to that tree! It's climate change! Again, from RedOrbit: Climate Change Minister Penny Wong said the record heat is yet another sign of global climate change scientists have forecasted. "Eleven of the hottest years in history have been in the last 12, and we also note, particularly in the southern part of Australia, we're seeing less rainfall," said Wong. Well, isn't that fascinating? Imagine, "eleven of the hottest years in history." In history! All 200 years of the history of Australian records of temperatures? Notice that Wong did not say, "The eleven hottest years in history." She said, "Eleven of the hottest years..." That's important, because if there were, say, a dozen even hotter years 150 years ago, her statement is still correct. It's Orwellian to state it the way she did. It is misleading, and she probably knows it. The ravings of The Church of Global Warming see things in the same way that some folks see the image of Christ in a stain on a highway overpass wall. They really, really want it to be there, and their minds - not their eyes - are fooling them into "seeing" it. If you believe deeply enough, you will "see" whatever your faith demands. The Church of Global Warming demands that you see climate change in everything bad. An excellent article at today examines how a wildfire is investigated. How do you investigate a wildfire for signs of arson? First, figure out where it got started. The place where firefighters first engaged with the blaze is a good place to begin, as are spots where eyewitnesses say they first saw flames or charred ground. Once they're in the ballpark, a careful study of burn patterns can guide investigators to the fire's point of origin. None of the forensic methods described involve any of the theories of The Church of Global Warming. They focus instead on humans using matches for all the wrong reasons. The Toronto Sun reports today that "Police declared incinerated towns crime scenes Monday, and the prime minister spoke of 'mass murder' after investigators said arsonists may have set some of Australia’s worst wildfires in history." Humans misbehaving, not global warming or climate change, is squarely blamed by forensic experts for the Australian infernos. The Sun article, from AP, further notes that "Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, visibly upset during a television interview, reflected the country’s disgust at the idea that arsonists may have set some of the 400 fires that devastated Victoria state, or helped them jump containment lines." The eagerness to blame disasters on "climate change" or "global warming" is a blind faith delusion. We might as well start blaming higher crime rates on climate change. After all, if last summer hadn't been "one of the hottest on record," perhaps some of those criminals might not have been willing to go outdoors and snatch purses. Then again, if last summer had been "one of the rainiest in history," would The Church of Global Warming hail climate change for reducing the number of stolen purses? Post Script - On 2/9/09, a commenter wrote: Wow, great article! I too am tired of the misleading AGW/CC speak. 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