Wednesday, February 4, 2009

14 Year Old Boy Impersonates Mayor of Chicago

How the hell does the idiot Mayor of Chicago keep getting re-elected? By now, you've all heard about the 14 year old boy who impersonated a Chicago police officer. In yesterday's Chicago Tribune, Daley was quoted as defending - hang on, this gets frikking weirder by the sentence - as defending Police Superintendent Jody Weis's decision to have the US Secret Service investigate the boy and the utter lack of prudence by police officials. That kid would have been asked for a photo ID by just about any 7-Eleven clerk if he'd asked for cigarettes. The cops just hand out cars now without an ID? To little boys? And the Secret Service is investigating?!? And the CPD can't do its own internal investigation?!?!? WTF!?!?! The Tribune quoted Mayor Daley: "What bothers me is I’d hate to see it at Halloween if everybody walks in – a 12- or 14-year-old walks into a police station on Halloween, they'll be handed a desk. They'll give them a car. They'll give them a badge … That's a real concern that we have." Well, maybe now it's a real concern, but obviously it was not much of one when the kid bamboozled half the CPD. God Almighty, and Mayor Daley thinks Weis is just wonderful for asking the Secret Service to do the investigation? By the way, doesn't the Secret Service have more urgent things to worry about? I might be wrong, but I think they do. Okay, so after giving his stamp of approval to a police superintendent whose force allowed a kid, a boy, to fake his way into a uniform and a squad car, Mayor Daley goes on to give his stamp of approval to Ron Huberman, his pick for new head of Chicago Public Schools. And what is the reason that Daley gave for thinking Huberman is the perfect guy for they job? What the...!?!? Why, Huberman's perfect because he has no experience at running a school system! Really!!! Nobody could make this shit up, people! If you wrote this as a screenplay you'd be laughed out of the producer's office. Hell, it would never make past the first reading, actually, but here's Mayor Daley blessing two of his top guys - one for not doing his job well, the other for knowing nothing about the job he's about to take on! Huh?!?! CNB RSS Feed