Monday, February 9, 2009

UPDATED: 131 Dead in Australia, Total Fire Ban Areas, Raw Video

Official Australian map that shows districts and municipalities currently under a "total fire ban" (TFB) from Country Fire Authority (CFA). NEWS UPDATES: DEATH TOLL TO HIT 230 (The Australian) Australian wildfires rage on after killing 131 (AFP) Arsonists could be charged with murder, says Attorney-General (The Australian)

Also: UPDATES & ADVICE for Urgent Threat Messages from CFA Also: Raw videos of fire fighting missions and more from CFA-TV. These are raw videos made by the firefighters themselves at fire scenes; some depict near-total devastation. CFA (Country Fire Authority), is headquartered in Victoria, Australia. They describe themselves as "one of the largest volunteer-based emergency management organisations in the world. As well as being one of the main agencies involved in bushfire fighting the agency provides emergency services to outer Melbourne and other major residential areas and major industries.CFA has 58,856 volunteers and 1,398 paid firefighters and staff." CNB RSS Feed