Sunday, February 8, 2009

119,000,000 Traitors?

Barack Obama's approval ratings are plummeting. One reason for BO disapproval could be the fact that he's busy dissing a vast number of his fellow Americans. Why? Because we don't agree with the far-Left agenda of BO and his fellow travelers. What the hell am I talking about? Let me refer you to Moe Lane over at He'll explain it better than I can. Before you go there, however, let's turn to, which posted "Who's Patriotic?" yesterday: Liberals used to love to claim that President Bush accused his political opponents of being unpatriotic. It wasn't true, of course; Bush never said any such thing. But last night, Barack Obama came perilously close to making that claim about Republicans who oppose his pork bill. As for Obama's plummeting approval ratings, here are a few headlines from today (Feb. 8, 2009). Grab a box of Kleenex; you'll either laugh so hard you'll cry, or you'll just simply cry. Who's Patriotic? Obama's Decline Continues Obama approval rating cut in half since inauguration Biden: We may take a beating in 2010 over the stimulus Americans have doubts about plan for economy Guy Pacot: Obama already failing Where’s the change? Me? LMAO! Pass the Kleenex. CNB RSS Feed