Sunday, January 11, 2009

Video: Hate and Peace in Copenhagen

Demonstrations in Denmark this weekend over the current fighting in Gaza. Blogger Ted Ekeroth writes a frightening post today about his firsthand experience in Copenhagen. Ekeroth was with the pro-Israel group. His must-see videos demonstrate the stark difference between the pro-peace, pro-Israeli demonstrators and the hate-filled, kill-all-the-jews pro-Palestinian demontrators. An excerpt (emphasis added): Today I participated in a pro-israeli manifestation for peace in Copenhagen, Denmark. The number of participants reported in Swedish newspapers is 250, but that is an understatement. My estimate is close to 1000. Our manifestation was peaceful, calm and the message was PEACE! Speaker after speaker talked about peace and coexistence and the crowd cheered as they said it. On the other side of RĂ„dhusplatsen there was a pro-arabic demonstration. The message coming from them was something quite different. Instead of advocating for peace the arabs shouted only about hatred and death! They mainly chanted in arabic, but some parts were in Danish and then you can clearly hear their wish to kill all the Jews. Read the full post at Ekeroth's blog (in English); (original in Danish "Fredsmanifestation vs hatpropaganda") Hat tip: Gates of Vienna Subscribe to Chicago News Bench