Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ron Huberman Next CPS Chief?

God Help Chicago. There are hot rumors out there that CTA chief Ron "Caboose" Huberman might replace Arne Duncan's old position as the head of Chicago Public Schools (source) . Duncan just became the new US Secretary of Education in the Obama Administration. Huberman is a slick salesman and former cop who has trouble balancing budgets, assuring the safety of CTA customers and making trains run on schedule, but Mayor Daley apparently has him on a list of people to run the schools? Huberman seems to be Daley's Golden Boy. In September, 2007 Huberman was on Daley's short list for the position of Superintendent of Police. Are we to believe that there aren't several principals out there who could run CPS better than Ronnie Huberman? Gimme a break. ALSO: Could CTA's Huberman Be Getting an Education? Douche of the Day: Ron Huberman Joe Moore's CTA Hysteria Derailed Subscribe to Chicago News Bench