Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Octopus" UFO

An intriguing UFO mystery in the UK has people buzzing. Hundreds of witnesses claim to have seen flying objects "with tentacles" fly through a wind farm near Louth, Lincolnshire, and one of the wind turbines suffered a badly damaged blade. Some witnesses have said an octopus-shaped UFO was seen flying through the air hours before the turbine was destroyed. One woman said she saw an object fly towards the wind farm, while others described the lights as being linked by "tentacles", leading locals to dub it the octopus UFO. (Source: As an expert stated, a "UFO" simply means a flying object that is unidentified. "UFO" does not necessarily mean "extraterrestrial" craft. Some members of the British Ministry of Defence, it is reported, say the mysterious objects might have been drone stealth bombers. But then again, they might have been extraterrestrial craft from Alpha Centauri. I'm just saying. Subscribe to Chicago News Bench