Friday, January 9, 2009

No R.E.S.T. at the Homeless Shelter

The shelter can stay, but the R.E.S.T. of you must leave. Hot update on the continuing saga of the homeless men's shelter at Epworth United Methodist Church in Chicago's 48th Ward: In an e-mail to Edgewater residents, [Alderman Mary Ann] Smith announced that Epworth United Methodist Church has agreed to keep the shelter in the church's gym at 5253 N. Kenmore, "with changes to reflect the expressed concerns of our office, the church congregation and the community." Smith also announced that a new service provider would supervise and manage the shelter. Today, the Chicago Department of Human Services fired the Uptown group Residents for Effective Shelter Transitions as shelter manager. Full story by Lorraine Swanson, Editor, News-Star... Subscribe to Chicago News Bench