Friday, January 2, 2009

Merchant Alert for Chicago's North Side

Merchants on the Chicago's North Side need to be alert to "The Urban Coaster," an organization that has been falsely passing itself off as a legitimately incorporated entity. Their incorporation is invalid with the Illinois Secretary of State because the check they sent for fees bounced. The three principals of the operation, pictured here, are Jim Ginderske, Francis Scudellari and Tom Westgard, all residents of Rogers Park. The three were involved in a sham operation last year called "Neighbors for a Healthy Rogers Park (NHRP)," which passed itself off as a legitimate non-profit organization. NHRP's incorporation was dissolved by the State of Illinois for failure to file required information documents. The men pictured here may approach you to sell you advertising for their "newspaper." However, others connected to "The Urban Coaster" might approach you, too. Insist that they show you their incorporation papers or proof that they are a legitimately registered organization before you sign any contracts or make any agreements with them, verbal or written. To file a complaint against "The Urban Coaster," get the complaint form (PDF) from the Illinois Attorney General's office or call the Better Business Bureau at 800-500-3780 . Please warn fellow merchants about "The Urban Coaster."