Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joe Moore Laughfest Continues

John Ruberry goes after Chicago Alderman Joe Moore (49th Ward) in a scathing post today. His angle: The recent, ridiculous naming of Moore as "Most Valuable Local Official" by The Nation magazine. From John's blog, Marathon Pundit: Laughs were made at Chicago's expense before impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich became a national punchline. Someone needs to inform the far-Left magazine The Nation, which named Chicago Alderman Joe Moore it's Most Valuable Local Official, that Chicago has more than one joke. Full Post.... Indeed. While the Democrats of Chicago and Illinois have provided bitter laughs for decades, Joe Moore has been a consistent belly laugh for 17 years. People who know Joe Moore best - his constituents - read The Nation's piece and collectively mumbled, "Are you shitting me?" Actually, The Nation and Joe Moore are shitting on you. RELATED: Joe Moore, The Nation and Walter Duranty Moore Constituent's Letter to "The Nation" Subscribe to Chicago News Bench