Friday, January 30, 2009

The Huberman Stink

Did something die under a couch in here? No, that smell is Ron Huberman, Chicago Mayor Daley's Waterboy and newest head of Chicago Public Schools. When the Blagojevich Crime Spree was finally crushed as the Illinois Senate removed him from office this week, it seemed like Chicago politics might become ho-hum until Blago's federal criminal trial begins. Silly us. Chicago politics is never ho-hum. But like a late Christmas gift, Mayor Daley named Ron Huberman to replace Arne Duncan as head of Chicago Public Schools. Chicago's City Council could still reject Huberman, and a number of local leaders are calling on them to do just that. Duncan was chosen by Barack Obama to be the nation's Secretary of Education, which means that every American will now be guaranteed a Chicago-quality schooling experience (be afraid, be very afraid). Huberman, until a few days ago the head of the inept Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), will undoubtedly bring his CTA style to the local government schools (be afraid, be very, very afraid). This has caused much outrage in Chicago. Many people are upset with the choice of Huberman. A sampling of that outrage follows: Ron Huberman "in over his head" Black leaders say no to Huberman for CPS Black leaders lament Huberman appointment Selection of Huberman just a bad choice Daley's appointment fishy Ron Huberman booed, heckled at his 1st school board meeting Jesse Jackson Slams Choice Of Huberman As New CPS Chief Some Teacher's Don't Want Huberman Why Daley Is Wrong to Move Huberman Transit Riders Still Second-Class in Second City Unauthorized BIO on Ron Hubberman Hubba Hubba Huberman!... CNB RSS Feed