Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hitler's Unholy Spirit Rises

"It is not unthinkable that the future of the Turkish Jewish community is in doubt." As noted here previously, and by hundreds of others recently, violent anti-Semitism is rampant around the globe. It's been hitting hard in Europe since the outbreak of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza (but it's always bubbling under the surface to some degree or another). It's getting so bad in Europe and Turkey lately that there are worldwide alerts for violence against Jews, and North America is by no means exempt. Indeed, in Chicago and other U.S. cities, there has been a recent outbreak of anti-Jewish vandalism. The anti-Semitic attacks go beyond criticizing Israel for its actions in Gaza. To criticize a nation for its military actions is legitimate. To violently attack people, however, simply because they share the dominant ethnic or religious characteristics of that nation is not legitimate. Imagine threatening all Muslims and burning mosques worldwide for the actions of al-Qaeda. That would be insane, wrong, stupid. Yet, that is exactly the kind of hate-driven violence now being perpetrated against Jewish people and institutions all over the world. A January 12, 2009 report at Market Watch notes this: Assaults against Jews in communities around the world are on the rise. In Europe, Jews have been threatened and beaten on the street and synagogues firebombed. "Jews to the gas chambers" has been chanted at anti-Israel demonstrations in Europe and similar calls for death to Jews have been heard across the Arab and Muslim world. Newspapers in the Arab world and in Latin America have published pieces making blatant comparisons between Israel and the Nazis' perpetration of the Holocaust. One newspaper in Qatar ran an article noting that all Jews bear responsibility for what is happening in Gaza. Caricatures that depict Israelis as Nazis are appearing daily in the Arab press, in Latin American and even in some mainstream European newspapers. (Source) The report goes on to note a sick irony: Among the most prevalent expressions of anti-Semitic hate speech is equating Israel with the Nazi regime. The widespread Holocaust and Nazi analogies employed at global demonstrations go well beyond legitimate criticism of Israel into outright anti-Semitism. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has a slideshow of anti-Semitic cartoons from Arab publications, with a related article about "Nazi Imagery, Anti-Semitism Rampant In Arab Media As Gaza Crisis Unfolds." Turkey is one of the hottest places for anti-Semitism at the moment. Not Arab but mostly Muslim, Turkey is a schizophrenic case of secularism-coddling-sectarianism-tolerating-secularism. Officially a friend of Israel, they are also an ally of Iran. The country literally stradles Europe and near-west Asia, perched just above Syria, bordering northwestern Iraq, and just east of Greece. I am certainly not saying that the average Turk is anti-Semitic. Certainly not all are, and the government is at least taken steps to protect Jewish places such as synagogues. But the growing violence in Turkey, Europe and America against ordinary Jews who have nothing to do with Israel's war with Hamas is a fact. RELATED: Europe Reimports Jew Hatred The war in Gaza is generating anti-Semitism in Europe Hundreds protest vandalism at Chicago-area Jewish institutions Arab-Americans, Jews Condemn Synagogue Vandalism Vandals hit two Tennessee synagogues Rupture feared in Israel-Turkey relations Comparing the Plight of Palestinians and Tibetans Proudly anti-American and anti-Semitic ... Turkey... Thousands protest in Turkey, Greece against Israeli offensive in Gaza Trouble in Turkey: Army Holds Emergency Ergenekon Meeting with Erdogan Israel is not the cause of terror Turkey: Antisemitism Gets Out of Control It Isn’t About Land….Its About Hatred Of Jews newsjiffy: Anti-semitism on Facebook and in Britain American Thinker: Turkish Antisemitism and Jewish Dhimmitude Recent Attempts to Form Strategic Regional Bloc: Syria, Turkey and Iran Turkey's long-awaited apology to Armenians begins Hamas Kids Sentence Jew-Eating Rabbit to Amputation Islamic Crusades Timeline Islamic Conquests Timeline Palestinian Media Watch Subscribe to Chicago News Bench