Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Helping Small Minds Understand the News

"Uncle Jay" should have his own prime time televsion show. He looks at the big news stories of the day and turns them into... well, he mocks them in song and phrase, enlightening while entertaining. An Uncle Jay show on network television could easily be a hit, but in the meantime we can all enjoy his great web site and also on YouTube, where he regularly posts hysterical videos. He is a sarcastic curmudgeon, and you can't help but like the guy. Uncle Jay describes himself thusly: Uncle Jay thinks it’s really, really important for today’s news to be understood by today’s innocent, ignorant and immature minds. Also children. Yes, the children. You adults out there will probably get more out of "Uncle Jay Explains" than kids can, especially if you're already news-savvy. Uncle Jay touches on news headlines, but never really goes into lengthy explanations. If you already have a grasp of current events, you'll find yourself laughing hysterically through every video and each episode of Uncle Jay Explains. He's not a half-bad singer, either, as he demonstrates in his "Year-End!" episode, in which he sings the entire news roundup. It's a must-see. The self-description continues: “Uncle Jay Explains the News” began in 1995 on a local TV station. It even won an Emmy. Today, Uncle Jay continues his mission on the internet. Tell all your friends about Uncle Jay so that you can all learn more about the world and figure out what it all means. Then you can explain it to grownups, because they … maybe you noticed … haven’t. Okay, Uncle Jay, as your newest fan, I'm telling all my friends. Subscribe to Chicago News Bench