Friday, January 2, 2009

Ginderske Violating State Law

In Illinois, you cannot call yourself "Inc." unless you're actually incorporated. Jim Ginderske's "Urban Coaster" publication has a twin web site by the same name, both called "The Urban Coaster, Inc." The "Inc." part of the name is illegal, plain and simple, because their filing fee check bounced. Merchants who advertise in The Urban Coaster should know that they are dealing with a company that is misrepresenting their legal status. The Urban Coaster is not incorporated in the State of Illinois. Complaints can be filed with the Better Business Bureau at 800-500-3780 or the Illinois Attorney General (see info below). Illinois law states that "Any corporation which (i) puts forth any sign or advertisement, assuming any name other than that by which it is incorporated or otherwise authorized by law to act or (ii) violates Section 3.25, shall be guilty of a Class C misdemeanor and shall be deemed guilty of an additional offense for each day it shall continue to so offend." (Source: Illinois General Assembly web site; see "Article 16 - Penalties".) "The Urban Coaster" is not incorporated, so it is misrepresenting itself with a name ("The Urban Coaster, Inc.") that is not "authorized by law." The Urban Coaster has been in violation for at least 16 days by calling themselves "Inc." in both their online and print versions. The graphics people at Urban Coaster seem to have an obsession with dead fish. Perhaps it's a Freudian admission that the operation is fishy. As noted here on December 31, Jim Ginderske and partners Thomas J. Westgard and Francis Scudellari are presenting their latest venture, "The Urban Coaster," as a legit organization. It's not. They call themselves "The Urban Coaster, Inc." but in fact they are not incorporated - not in Illinois anyway. As of January 2, 2009, their print version still said "Urban Coaster, Inc." in the masthead, and their web site said it on the lower left hand corner of their home page. Are they incorporated in another state? If so, we demand to see their incorporation papers. Their check for filing fees to the State of Illinois bounced, voiding their application. Additionally, their filing papers falsely list the address of Thomas J. Westgard, partner in The Urban Coaster, as 6970 N. Sheridan Road, Unit C. In fact, that storefront is vacant as confirmed by building management. Don't believe me? Click here to see the filing papers (or see the documents for yourself and see the Illinois Secretary of State's web site. To file a complaint against The Urban Coaster, get the complaint form (PDF) from the Illinois Attorney General's office here. Please let merchants who advertise with "The Urban Coaster" know that they are dealing with an organization that is misrepresenting its legal status.