Exclusive Photos: Friends of Blagojevich Offices

This is the location of a Friends of Blagojevich office at 4147 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, 60613-2472. (Click picture to make it embiggered.) Chicago News Bench went there to grab some file photos on January 1, 2009. Lo and behold, 13 days later the Sun-Times reported that "Federal authorities used a video camera as part of their cache of tools to investigate Gov. Blagojevich in the final weeks of 2008 before his arrest, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned." Well well. The Sun-Times could have used CNB's photos of the place. (They didn't run any pix of the location.) Fortunately, our photographers did not have New Year's Day off. We are, after all, a non-union shop. Rest assured, however, that plenty of rum spiked egg nog was served to our photo team upon their return. "The camera, which likely was remote-controlled, was trained on the Friends of Blagojevich offices, 4147 N. Ravenswood, to help FBI agents identify individuals entering and leaving the campaign offices -- and to identify who was talking on bugs agents covertly planted inside." Full Story... Subscribe to Chicago News Bench

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