Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EU Hypocritical On Iran Stoning Executions

Iran executed three people by stoning them to death, a painful and barbaric method of killing. The cowardly, hypocritical fools who run the European Union have issued yet another useless condemnation of the practice. The stoning victim is buried to their neck or shoulders, and stones are then thrown at them. The law actually requires that the stones be of a size capable of inflicting pain but not big enough to kill immediately. In other words, Iranian law requires the torture of those being executed. This is part of shariah law, the laws commanded by Islam. The myopic bureaucrats of the European Union are condemning the stoning executions, as well they should. However, even as the EU condemns a barbaric aspect of shariah law, it is allowing shariah to creep into its own culture and society. The "Islamization" of Europe is well under way. For the EU authorities to condemn Iran, while allowing the expansion of shariah law within Europe, is akin to a man scolding his neighbor for beating his wife even as he himself turns a blind eye to his own wife's abuse of their child. Following is part of a report from Iran Visual News Corps (“IranVNC), an independent online multimedia and interactive news agency with content available in both Persian and English. They are based in Washington, D.C. According to official confirmation and reports from other credible sources, three people were subject to execution by stoning in the city of Mashhad in the week beginning 21 December 2008. One of the three is reported to have managed to escape the stoning pit and survived. The other two were less fortunate and were stoned to death. The European Union requests that the central authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran investigate this issue, and ensure that the practice of execution by stoning is effectively and permanently terminated in the country, in compliance with the International Covenant of Political and Civil Rights, which the Islamic Republic of Iran has signed and ratified, as well as the Declaration on the Protection of All Persons From Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, as adopted by the UN General Assembly Resolution 3452 of December 1975, which Iran has approved. FULL REPORT... Fools. Asking Iran to "investigate this issue" would be like asking a bank robber to please investigate his most recent heist. "Get back to us with the results of your investigation, won't you Mister Bank Robber? Thanks so much." It is Iran's own laws, based on Islamic religioius doctrine from 1,400 years ago. It is Iran's official policy that people be executed in such medieval ways, so to ask Iran to "investigate this issue" of stoning people to death is ignorant stupidity or, at best, empty posturing. The stoning continues in Iran. The EU wrings its collective hands, but the people of Europe had better get used to it. Today Tehran, tomorrow Brussels. RELATED: Iran hangs two murderers in public – Report Dhimmi Watch: Nine Iranians to be stoned to death for adultery (July 2008) Video of Stoning to Death - Islam in action EU has gained nothing by appeasing Iran Europe Reimports Jew Hatred The rapid Islamization of Europe Will Europe Resist Islamization? Daniel Pipes Girl, 13, stoned to death in Somalia as 1,000 watch... 'Adultery' sisters to be stoned to death in Iran (Feb 2008) Fjordman: Islamic law used by secular Swedish court Some stoning okay says Choudhary Sharia in Europe? European Parliament politicians make a stand Sharia in Europe: Islamic Norms in Secular European States Islamization and Cowardice in Scandinavia Shariah Law and Doctrine Europe's Sharia question / ISN Europe’s Jackboot Progressives Taxi drivers are refusing to carry blind passengers Celebrating Our Diversity: AIG Bailout Promotes Shariah Law, Lawsuit Claims Shariah law in Ontario, Canada - Israel Forum Subscribe to Chicago News Bench