Sunday, January 4, 2009

Enabling Blagojevich

"Many of the next legislature's 59 state senators have been serial enablers of the governor," writes the Chicago Tribune in a bull's eye editorial today (Jan. 4, 2009). The Tribune notes that 26 Illinois state legislators helped deny voters the chance to get a recall amendment. Had that happened, we could all be voting Blago out soon. All but one of those anti-democratic legislators are (trumpet blare, please) Democrats. While hypocritical politicians all over Illinois are making hyperdrive attempts to fool voters into thinking that they are shocked (shocked!) at the alleged pay-to-play behavior of Blago the Blatant, they have in fact been some of his most loyal enablers.
"Eight months later, here we are, having to rely on the legislature to impeach and convict a governor the people cannot recall. Don't forget who brought us here." - Chicago Tribune editorial, January 4, 2009
Take state rep Heather Steans, for example, who poses as a Woman of the People. Steans helped direct some $200,000 to Blagojevich's campaign coffers over time. Now, like others, she wants you to believe that the game she herself has played so well is shocking (shocking!). The Tribune names names: Here are the 21 Democrats who voted no or present (the effect was the same), denying you a choice on whether Illinois should have a recall amendment: Michael Bond, James Clayborne Jr., Jacqueline Collins, John Cullerton, James DeLeo, Deanna Demuzio, William Haine, Don Harmon, Mike Jacobs, Emil Jones Jr., Kimberly Lightford, Terry Link, Iris Martinez, James Meeks, Antonio Munoz, Michael Noland, Kwame Raoul, Heather Steans, John Sullivan, Donne Trotter, A.J. Wilhelmi The Tribune notes that four state senators (all Democrats) are on record as not voting: Gary Forby, Mattie Hunter, Martin Sandoval and Louis Viverito. Oh, there was one "Republican," too: Chris Lauzen. The Trib notes that Lauzen "thought it more important to attend a pension conference in Philadelphia than to vote in Springfield." The voters are being screwed by these people. The voters, however, have nobody to blame for themselves. When will Illinois voters wake up and stop voting for these people?