Monday, January 26, 2009

Coach Proud of 100-0 Win

There is at least one man in Texas who has not succumbed to hyper political correctness. You may recall the recent story of a girlss high school basketball team that won a game 100-0, and the school's administration actually apoligized for it. They called it "un-Christ like" to win by such a large margin. After days of national attention, the winning coach has had enough. DALLAS — The coach of a Texas high school basketball team that beat another team 100-0 sent an e-mail to a newspaper saying he will not apologize "for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity."On its Web site last week, the Covenant School of Dallas, a private Christian school, posted a statement regretting the outcome of its Jan. 13 shutout win over Dallas Academy. "It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition," said the statement, signed by Kyle Queal, head of school, and board chair Todd Doshier. FULL STORY... Subscribe to Chicago News Bench