Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blagojevich Wife: Scrutiny and More Scrutiny

Rod Blagojevich. So nice they've impeached him twice, and Democrat leaders all around Illinois are still insist that they didn't know who he was until his federal arrest on December 9, 2008. Apparently, none of them read the papers, as IL GOP Chairman Andy McKenna points out today. The Illinois Democratic leadership cannot plausibly plead innocent when it comes to knowing that Blago was up to no good. Take Mike Madigan, for example, who was just today elected to a 13th term as speaker of the Illinois House. Madigan, for God's sake! He co-chaired Blago's re-election campaign in 2006! And he claims that he and other top Dems “didn’t know the intensity of the federal inquiry.” Incredible, and now Madigan will preside over the legislative body that will conduct the trial to remove Blago from office. You gotta love Illinois politics. Blago's wife Patti has also been under public scrutiny, and for a long time - it's a family affair, as demonstrated by this August, 2008 flash back from Chicagoist (emphasis added): Patti Blagojevich Accepts New Job Rod Blagojevich's wife (and Dick Mell's daughter), Patti, accepted a job with the Chicago Christian Industrial League. The non-profit homeless organization announced....that she would become their new development director next month, after Labor Day. "Patti's commitment to Chicago and her knowledge of the development community will help highlight our services," the group’s executive director, and former Daley staffer Judy McIntyre, said in a statement. The group, which was forced to cut staff last year due to a dwindling budget, has received about $350,000 a year from the Illinois Department of Human Services. Illinois' First Lady, a licensed real estate agent, has been under federal scrutiny recently for real estate deals involving people with state contracts. Mrs. Blagojevich denied she's leaving real estate due to the scrutiny. Flash back even further, to a May 20, 2005 Chicago Tribune article: First lady of Illinois linked to developer A controversial fundraiser and adviser to Gov. Rod Blagojevich has had a business relationship with First Lady Patti Blagojevich for eight years, the governor's office acknowledged Thursday. Antoin "Tony" Rezko, a Chicago developer who has been influential in shaping Blagojevich's administration and policies, has "worked on various projects" with Patti Blagojevich since 1997, said Cheryle Jackson, the governor's spokeswoman. The disclosure marks the first time that the governor's administration has acknowledged the governor's family has a personal financial link with a key adviser who helped shape the administration and is now tied to a variety of controversies involving allegations of cronyism. Democrat leaders claim they didn't realize how intense the federal investigation of Blagojevich was. Were they not reading the same newspapers that the resut of us have been for the past several years? When Illinois Democrats like Mike Madigan, Roland Burris or Heather Steans try to play dumb when it comes to the stink around the Blagojevich Family, such roll your eyes and hold your nose. The whole lot of them stinks. RELATED: Patti's $47k Rezko deal A tale of two houses BackyardConservative: More Rezko Connections Marathon Pundit: Illinois corruption update: First Lady's Suspcious Real Estate Dealings The Obama-Blagojevich Ties - Don't Forget Rezko Roland Burris asked ex-Rod Blagojevich aide about Senate seat Democratic leadership hurting Congress, people Subscribe to Chicago News Bench