Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anger in Rogers Park Over Police Protection of Gang Graffiti, Shrines

The following open email letter was received today at 12:11 p.m. It was sent to various Chicago police and elected officials is a response to the recent revelation that police officers are following policy when they allow gang graffiti and "shrines" to remain undisturbed on public property as makeshift memorials to murdered gang members. In my opinion, this would be like allowing the Hatfields and McCoys to deface and a litter on public or private property to memorialize one of their murdered kinfolk. It is bad policy because it allows the legitimization of murderous gang activity, it allows the gangster punks to believe that the cops are afraid of them, and it allows vandals to deface public and often private property without fear of legal consequence. It is ironic that the average person would be fined and/or arrested for spraying graffit on a wall not owned by them, yet the authorities tacitly bless the same activity if it is preceded by a murder. That's the logic of our local elected and police officials. From: Michael Luckenbach <>" To:>, "David Sobczyk" <>, "Jody Weis" <> Cc: "Julie Hamos" <>, "Jen Walling" <>, "Jan Schakowsky" <>, "Jeffery Schoenberg" <>, "Heather Steans" <>, "Ben Joravosky" <>, "Bruce Rottner" <>, "John Kass" <>, "Tom Mannis", "Craig Gernhardt", "Grammar Gal", "Lorraine Swanson" <> An Open Letter to: Police Superintendent Jody Weis 24th District Commander Dave Sobczyk Alderman Joe Moore Gentlemen: A response to this concern, which was e-mailed to each of you last week, has not yet been received. The residents of the 24th District and 49th Ward await your response and clarification on this matter. Sincerely, Michael Luckenbach North Howard Neighbors Association Bcc: NHNA Membership 'GANG SHRINES' AND THE 24th POLICE DISTRICT In regard to the crime situation in our community, I want to relate the following to all 49th Ward residents: I attended a meeting the evening of Friday, Jan.16th, as a member of the NoH Parks' Advisory Council's Security Committee. In addition to Chicago Park District personnel (program, facilities and security), Sergeant John Delgado, 24th District, was in attendance. When the subject of 'gang shrines' came up, Sgt. Delgado informed us that it was the 'policy' of the 24th District to allow 'gang shrines' to remain, in place on public property, for up to 48 hours. I was dumbfounded by this revelation, as I'm sure all law abiding RP residents will be. I strongly voiced my objection to this 'policy' as completely absurd and ridiculous on a number of levels, from enabling and glorifying to coddling the gang lifestyle and activity in our community. This 'attitude'/policy is a serious affront to our residents and our community. It should be OFFICIALLY discontinued immediately. There must be ZERO tolerance to glorification or tolerance of ANY gang activity, period, particularly on the part of our 24th District Police officers. I intend to pursue this matter further, with STRONG objections, to Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis, 24th District Commander David Sobczyk, as well as 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore. I strongly urge ALL residents of our community to do the same. Voice your feelings and opinion now to: