Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why This Mother Owns a Gun

The Bench front page... Shelley Abreu is a mother. She and her husband own at least one gun. They live in Australia. Shelley writes about the reason for owning firearms, and her thoughts are just as relevant to anybody in the US as they are to those Down Under. In a short but poignant article titled "Packing Heat: Why we keep a gun in the house," Shelley Abreu talks about maternal instincts, gun accidents and lying to the doctor. As a parent, I'll always be a little ambivalent about my pro-gun choice. On a day-to-day basis I see myself as a nurturer. It's my job to hug and kiss my girls — to make them feel loved and secure. Holding a gun hardly feels maternal. Yet it's that very maternal instinct that moves me to protect my children at all costs. In a sense, I'm no different than a wild mother bear who will tear anyone or anything apart if she perceives a threat to her cubs. But being human, we are held to a different standard — a moral standard. But that's the whole rub: if my children were threatened, all moral reasoning goes out the window. Read all of Shelley's article... RELATED: Obama win triggers run on guns -- Obama election prompts surge in US gun sales World news Obama win triggers run on guns in many stores U.S. Reuters US gun sales soar after Obama victory The Australian Obama: 'Not going to mess with' guns: The Swamp