Thursday, December 4, 2008

Venezuela: Students Mobilize Against Chavez

The Bench front page... Thug Hugo Chavez is still chipping away at democracy in Venezuela. Today, students are protesting his dictatorial attempts to end term limits. His goal: Be president for life. In other words, the tin horn dictator wants to be an official, big time dictator. Venezuelan students, as well as political parties, have assumed that President Hugo Chávez will achieve his goal to amend the Constitution in order to implement indefinite presidential reelection. Full Story at El Universal, Caracas... Will Danny Glover and friends be able to intervene in time to save the Chavez Reich? VITAL LINKS: students begin campaigning against indefinite reelection Venezuelan journalists: Govn't is engaged in "state terrorism" Venezuela: Chavez Pushes for Indefinite Re-election Measure Venezuela elections: Chávez wins victory but opposition gains ground Another Venezuelan Labor Leader is Assassinated in Aragua New Caracas mayor seeks detente with Chavez The political agenda takes precedence over economic adjustment The politics of non-stop protest Putin: no need for Cuban, Venezuelan bases A Nuclear Venezuela? Russia reveals 'big military secret'