Friday, December 12, 2008


UPDATE 2X: Illinois AG asksh high court to declare gov. unfit (AP) FROM PRESS CONFERENCE, EARLIER: LISA MADIGAN ASKED SUPREME COURT TO PREVENT BLAGOJEVICH FROM MAKING DISBURSEMENTS OF STATE FUNDS. ASKS FOR LT. GOV. QUINN TO TAKE OVER. MOTION TO DECLARE BLAGOJEVICH UNFIT TO ACT AS GOVERNOR. THE COURT HAS DISCRETION TO HEAR THE MOTION OR NOT. MADIGAN ENCOURAGES STATE LEGISLATURE TO IMPEACH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE; SAYS HER LEGAL MOTION WILL NOT REPLACE NEED TO IMPEACH. Earlier: Atty. General Lisa Madigan (D-IL) has asked the Illinois Supreme Court this morning to prevent Governor Blagojevich from appointing a successor to Obama's old Senate seat and to allow Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn to assume the duties of running the state. Madigan is having a press conference as this is written. MORE: News Summary for December 11, 2008 Illinois AG asks high court to declare gov. unfit Madigan launches legal attack to oust Blagojevich Calls to impeach embattled Illinois governor grow