Wednesday, December 10, 2008


EARLY WARNING: Thailand is about to crack under the pressure of internal political forces. Der Spiegel has a startling report about Thailand's impending, potential collapse into chaos. Islamic separatists are part of the overall picture, but by no means are they the whole picture. Next week, the parliament is set to elect a new prime minister. The power plays behind the scenes are furious; many fear bloodshed regardless of who the parliament elects. Monarchists and members of the Thai middle class have successfully tried their hand at revolt, plunging the country into a crisis. But now pro-government elements are gearing up for the counterattack and are demanding payback. Remember the protesters who closed down the Bangkok airports? (See: Suspected protester's body found at Bangkok airport: police, (breaking). Tip of the iceberg, implies Der Spiegel, that's just the beginning of the end. And it's far from over: Bangkok airport mess spilling into Changi (breaking). The airport occupiers and their supporters are revolting against a democratically elected government whose political base consists of the poor rice farmers of northeastern Thailand. They are leading the fight for a middle-class minority with allegiance to the king and pro-military views, which calls itself the "revolution of the middle class." If it comes into power, it will do away with democracy and allow only one-third of the representatives of the people to be elected by the people. This comes as no surprise, given the fact the representatives of this segment of society lost the last four elections. Full Report... RELATED: Battle to form Thailand's next government heats up Puea Pandin tight-lipped on next move Thai opposition 'set for power' Magazine pulled over Thai story Thailand 'bans' Economist Thai distributor bans Economist over king article Thailand information at