Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Robbed: Ald. Moore's Chief of Staff

EXCLUSIVE: 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore's chief of staff was robbed last week in Rogers Park, Chicago. News-Star reports this week: A 61-year-old woman's purse got snatched on the 7800 block of N. Greenview around 9:35 a.m. Dec. 23. She told police that a man in his 30s, "Don't make me shoot you," as he pulled on her purse. The man grabbed the purse and headed southbound on Greenview, taking the woman's cellphone and an unknown amount of cash. She did not see a gun. (Source) The Bench has learned that the "61-year-old woman" is none other than Betsy Vandercook, Joe Moore's chief of staff. Alderman Moore is well known for his mantra, "Crime is down in Rogers Park." Perhaps he'll be less cavalier with that phrase in the future. Perhaps Ms. Vandercook is wondering why Alderman Moore didn't don his purse-snatcher cape and chase this robber like he did a year and a half ago. (Note: For those of you who may protest that it's not nice to reveal the identity of a crime victim, I would agree in most cases. However, Ms. Vandercook is a top aide to an elected city official. The nature of the crime was not personal in nature, as in a domestic argument or - God forbid - rape. Imagine a top aide to a president or a governor or a mayor as a robbery victim. That crime would be reported by the media with the aide's name. The same rule applies to the top aide of an incumbent city council member.)