Wednesday, December 10, 2008

John Kass' End Zone Victory Dance

Dammit, I love John Kass. Even when he pisses me off, which is rarely, I love him. He and the courageous management of the Chicago Tribune stood up against megalomaniacal Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich like nobody else has, not in the mainstream media, not even in the blogosphere. This is John Kass' finest hour - to date, at least - for he and his colleagues can honestly say that they did not buckle under the alleged pressure of Blagojevich to fire key editorial staff. Kass has a great piece - a rare extra edition piece yesterday that doubles as an end zone victory dance - in the Trib that you gotta read: As I write this, he's being brought before a U.S. magistrate for a bond hearing, and they'll sneak him out of the federal building through the tunnel so the TV people won't get their perp-walk video, but that's not the end of his troubles. The only real decision Gov. Dead Meat has to make is when he'll start blubbering into a federal tape recorder and how much he'll say. The guys behind the guys aren't amused. To them, this Blagojevich isn't funny anymore. Full Scathing Column... Do you think Kass came up in conversation when Rod got home this afternoon? "Hi Patti, I'm home! Say, whattaya think John Kass is gonna write about next?" (Makes The Bench proud to have been picked by the Trib as one of Chicago's best blogs!)