Tuesday, December 2, 2008

India Loves George W. Bush

The Bench front page... For nearly eight years, we've been hearing the twin lies that "the world hates America" and "the world hates President Bush." Just ask India's Prime Minister what he thinks of George W. Bush. The Hindu newspaper ran an article on September 27 (well before the Mumbai chaos of last week), in which he unabashedly lavished praise on Mr. Bush. “People of India deeply love you,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told United States President George W. Bush here on Thursday evening. The actual quote was "deeply, deeply love you." I've heard the audio. Singh continued: “In the last four and half years that I have been Prime Minister, I have been the recipient of your generosity, your affection, your friendship. It means a lot to me and to the people of India.” As Mr. Bush sat beaming in the glare of television cameras, he heard the visitor saying, “When the history is written, I think it will be recorded that President George W. Bush played a historic role in bringing our two democracies closer to each other.” Praise for George W. Bush - from a foreign leader??? This must sound like science fiction to the average American liberal, but the fact is that Bush is not the evil dictator that the lying liars have worked so hard to portray. Singh noted that President Bush made a major contribution to peace in Southern Asia. “For 34 years, India has suffered from a nuclear apartheid. We have not been able to trade in nuclear material, nuclear reactions, and nuclear raw materials. And when this restrictive regime ends, I think a great deal of credit will go to President Bush. And, for this I am very grateful to you, Mr. President.” Full Article at The Hindu... Wow. A major world leader saying that he is "grateful" to George W. Bush. Imagine. RELATED LOVE NOTES: Manmohan Professes India’s Deep Love for Bush - Prime Minister ... South Asia Investor Review: Manmohan Says India Loves Bush Bill Clinton Praises Bush : Next Stop Lauderdale Howard Dean fails again. Nagin praises Bush. Scott Allan's World Praise for George Bush's leadership skills Education The Guardian Bush's record in Africa receives well-deserved praise - Opinion ... Praise for President Bush in German Paper - Atlantic Review ... PajamaHadin » Blog Archive » ABC surprised by praise for Bush Open Letter Of Praise For George W Bush Putin criticizes NATO but has praise for Bush - International ... Well-Deserved Praise for Bush's Africa Record - Examiner.com Grudging Praise for Bush on Environment praise for bush from danish P.M. « The Homesick American… Rock star Bono praises Bush for AIDS plans