Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Idiot Voters of Illinois Deserve Blagojevich

Thomas Jefferson would just shake his head and roll his eyes. "I told you," he would say. "I told you, the people get the government they deserve." Illinois, a state steeped in corruption for decades, has the government it deserves. For longer than most of us can remember, the voters have repeatedly put people into office that were crooked. Then, just for good measure, they continue to re-elect them. Last month, Illinoisans shot down the opportunity for a constitutional convention. What kind of people willingly take a pass on changing their own constitution, for God's sake? Now, with the Blagojevich scandal blossoming like a fart in a tightly closed room, Illinois finds that its constitution has no good mechanism for impeachment, for removal from office or for recalling bad elected officials. And how have the Democrats of Illinois reacted to the current crisis? Why, they killed the chance for the people to pick the successor to Barack Obama's vacated US Senate seat by special election. How "democratic" is that? Illinois deserves Blagojevich in the same way that a careless whore deserves a dose of the clap. There are literally hundreds of examples of voters voting stupidly in Illinois. Many of those examples can be found in Chicago's City Council. The FBI has more offices dedicated to investigation official corruption in Chicago than in any other city. Mayor Daley's aides are frequently investigated. The occasional aide goes down. Cook County Board President Todd Stroger may not be corrupt in the legal sense, but he is an idiot and loves raising your taxes and hiring his relatives. His father John, corrupt as hell. As Todd's predecessor, he was re-elected by the idiot voters of Cook County. I asked several Black Chicagoan acquaintances why they voted for Todd Stroger. Their answer, "Gotta go with the brother." Stroger is black, you see, and to many voters that was the only qualification needed. It was the only one he had. Most of those Black voters now regret having voted for Todd Stroger for racist reasons. Blagojevich was re-elected, even while many voters knew he was being investigated for corruption. Alderman Joe Moore of Chicago is in his fifth term, despite widespread knowledge of his ineptitude and solid reasons to suspect him of - how shall I phrase this? - unethical behavior. When reformers like Judy Topinka come along, with proven records of cleaning up their corners of Illinois' state government, people blindly vote against them all too often because they are - gasp! - Republican. Hell, voters thought, we can't have a Republican as governor. Hell no, just because she's squeaky clean and has a good record of public service, the voters thought, we'd rather have a Democrat. And why not? Look at how much good the Dems have done for Illinois. Look, see? See all that Democratic goodness, you morons? RELATED: Media surprised by corruption in Chicago? (Erin) - Crunchy Con Dems kill peoples' voice in picking next U.S. Senator