Monday, December 15, 2008

"Friends of Blago" Group Push For Special Election

Andy McKenna is a busy guy, even in normal times. With the Blagojevich scandal still fresh and still developing, he's especially busy. As Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, McKenna is suddenly adjusting his schedule to respond to widespread corruption charges of Democrat governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich. McKenna has formed a new online group called "Friends of Blago" (, which features a petition that urges asks Illinois lawmakers to authorize a special election to fill the US Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama. McKenna says it would be better to allow the people to decide who should fill that seat rather than allow "Blagojevich Democrats" to make the decision. "How can Blagojevich Democrats appoint the nest U.S. Senator," the web site asks, "when they are part of the problem?" McKenna, through the web site, says that the Democrat-dominated political system that empowered Blagojevich, who has been charged with trying to "sell" the Senate seat, should not be allowed to name another of their own to fill it. The site also says, "Governor Rod Blagojevich has put a 'For Sale' sign on the Illinois state capitol for years. Now he has put a 'For Sale' sign on the important job of filling the seat currently held by President-Elect Barack Obama." Republicans are not the only ones calling for a special election. Democrats like Barack Obama and US Senator Dick Durbin favor a special election, too. For that matter, even Blagojevich is toying with the idea of a special election; since he can no longer sell the seat, he's got nothing to lose by giving it back to the people. The Sun-Times has an editorial today that also calls for a special election: "It is time to go beyond partisan politics," says the editorial, "to let the voters select who they believe can best represent Illinois in the Senate -- with diligence, competency and, above all, honesty. A special election will be costly, but it is absolutely necessary now to lift the confidence of voters in their government." According to Rasmussen Reports, most Illinoisans favor a special election: Sixty-six percent (66%) of all Illinois voters say the state should hold a special election to fill Obama’s Senate seat rather than let Governor Rod Blagojevich or his successor appoint a replacement. Twenty-one percent (21%) disagree, and 13% are undecided," says the December 11 report. (Source) Friends of Blago urges people to sign their petition for a special election "giving the power back to the people" and "We can't let more Blagojevich Democrats make this decision for the people of Illinois. Join the fight - Bring change to Illinois." RELATED: Quinn a good man, but voters should pick senator Blago warms up to idea of special election for US Senate seat Illinois GOP hopes to regain some power Ill. Lawmakers to Consider Impeachment Chicago Tribune - About that Senate seat 66% of Illinois Voters Support a Special Election Obama Calls for Blagojevich Resignation, Special Election Area legislators, party leaders weigh in on Blagojevich arrest ...