Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Bench front page... FireFox browser users may not have the security that they're so smug about. Guru3D reports yesterday that there is a viral threat that is attacking FireFox users. The Trojan disguises itself as a legitimate add-on to FireFox. If you are a FireFox usr, please be aware that there is a new trojan on the loose stealing passwords realted banking accounts. It's a new type of malware designed to harvest web passwords has been detected in-the-wild by BitDefender’s antivirus research labs. This latest e-threat – called Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A – is intended to be delivered onto a compromised computer system by other malware for subsequent download into Mozilla Firefox's Plugin folder. Once installed it gets to work every time Firefox is started. More from Guru3D... This is not the first time FireFox has been attacked by a Trojan horse virus. In July, 2008, reported on the FormSpy Trojan RELATED: Scammers Target Users of Firefox to Obtain Banking Information Malware found that specifically targets Firefox users Malware posing as Firefox plugin steals login information Firefox Trojan Masquerades as Legit Add-On BitDefender identifies Firefox specific add-on trojan Nearly all computers running on Microsoft Windows vulnerable Perilous Plug-Ins May Plague Chrome