Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dumbest Anti-Gun Web Site EVER

The Bench front page... I was scanning the web for articles about the recent post-election surge in gun purchases across the United States. In doing so, I came across a pro-Obama, anti-guns web site that has got to be one of the dumbest web sites I've ever encountered. It's called, simply, "" (Has Obama Taken Away Your Guns Yet). The full text on the site is shown in the screenshot here. The question and premise of the web site, "Has Obama Taken Away Our Guns Yet?" is idiotic. Why? Uhm, well, because BARACK OBAMA AIN'T DA PRESIDENT YET! Therefore, whether he wants to take away our guns or not, he can't yet because he currently hold no elected office. He resigned his Senate seat and won't become president until January 20. The idiot's answer, "NO," is actually correct. That's amazing, since the idiot who wastes bandwidth with the site was stupid enough to ask such a dumb question. The funniest part comes near the end. After assuring us that Obama has not yet taken away "our guns" (does the idiot have a gun? Dear Lord), he admonishes us to "get a brain morans," and there are at least three things wrong with that. First, is he telling us all to collectively get "a brain?" Just one brain for all of us? That probably would work well; the time sharing logistics of such and arrangement would be mind boggling (pardon the pun). Second, the moron spelled "morons" incorrectly as "morans." How stoopid is that? Third, it's wrong to insult those folks who, in a sincere quest for enlightenment, visit the idiot's web site. Finally, the idiot has an email link in "tell us what you think!" That link is: (What is there to think about? Is the idiot asking for our opinion of the fact that Obama has not yet confiscated any firearms? Perhaps he wants to know if Obama will take away guns, or not. Since the idiot is requesting that we tell him (I assume this is a male, perhaps not, I dunno), send him an email. Start your email with "Dear Brettly" just to confuse the hell out of him.