Monday, December 8, 2008

Canadian Liberals In Disarray

The Bench front page... Go figure. Last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a Conservative, effectively staged a coup by dissolving Parliament. That should have rallied the Liberals, but no. The Liberals are eating their own now, in a cannibalistic frenzy to straighten things up. Jeffrey Jones reports from Toronto: Members of Stephane Dion's Liberal Party and editorials called for his quick ouster after Prime Minister Stephen Harper won a rare suspension of Parliament, allowing his Conservative government to avoid being defeated in a confidence vote. Concerns about Dion's ability to keep leading the Liberals -- and the multiparty coalition formed to defeat the Harper government over its response to the economic crisis -- intensified as Canadians gathered at raucous rallies across the country Saturday in support of both sides in the battle. Full Report from Reuters... RELATED: Bye Bye Canada: Piercing the Democratic Pretense CANADA'S HISTORY OF UNELECTED GOVERNMENTS Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada - Biography... The Harper Dictatorship Harper as Hitler video becomes overnight web hit Canadians let down Liberal Leader Stephane Dion Knives are out for both Harper and Dion: pundits express outrage ...