Monday, December 15, 2008

UPDATED: Blago Retains Genson for Defense

UPDATED: On Monday, 12/15 it was disclosed that Ed Genson has been retained by Blago for legal defense. DEVELOPING... PREVIOUS POST: BlagoGate Update: Rod Blagojevich is shopping for a high priced legal team, and Attorney Edward M. Genson is being considered. Genson defended Conrad Black (who was convicted) and others. Blago met with Genson for about four hours on Saturday. GET THIS: Genson played a part in the fallout of former Gov. George Ryan's legal problems a few years ago as chief counsel for lobbyist Larry Warner, a friend and co-defendant of Ryan. Late last week, former Gov. James R. Thompson read an "apology" from Ryan (too little, too late, pal). Thompson was the head of Winston & Strawn law firm, to which Blago owes beaucoup bucks. (Does Genson know that Blago already owes more than half a million bucks to lawyers for past services?) Blagojevich met for four hours with renowned Chicago criminal lawyer Ed Genson on Saturday, and a newspaper report said the embattled governor may decide as early as Monday whether he should resign. Genson has defended newspaper baron Conrad Black, R&B singer R. Kelly and other public figures. Asked if he would take the case, Genson said, "We'll make our mutual decision on Monday." (AP/Kankakee Daily Journal) RELATED: Rod Blagojevich's legal bills now top $2 million Blagojevich Left Legal Bills Unpaid ($500000) No wonder Blagojevich needed money Rahm Emanuel Talked To IL Governor's Office About Senate Seat Judge Reschedules George Ryan's Trial... (2005) In disclosures, Blagojevich adds $1 million to legal bills (January 2008) US v. Lawrence E. Warner, George H. Ryan, Sr ...